Lost Album "Our Machine" released after 10 years in wilderness

After almost 10 years, I'm happy to announce the official release of the Our Machine: Remix Collection album via Bandcamp. This release is available for free (just enter $0.00 in the "Pay what you want" window) and includes the stem tracks for "My Machine" so you can make your own remix! This project started back in 2006 on the heels of Mose Giganticus' seminal release The Invisible Hand, but hit a major road block along the way.

"We Are One" Video Release

We're thrilled to announce the release of our latest video single "We Are One". This is the first release of our "Singles Series". Rather than releasing an album every few years, we'll be releasing new songs in the Singles Series in more frequent intervals. This allows us to work on new material as our inspiration strikes us and turn it around quickly .

Check it out now on our Video page and tell us what you think.